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Passion project leads the way through Covid-19

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Mental health may be the ultimate victim of Covid-19. Surviving Covid-19 has required perseverance and community. Without both we have risked isolation, depression and/or anxiety. To that end, a recent study “The implications of Covid-19 for mental health and substance use” by N Panchal, et el discovered over a 373% increase in the number of Americans reporting symptoms of anxiety disorder and/or depression disorder.

What started out as a diversion from Covid anxiety has turned into a labour of love and helped this little part of Toronto survive the current pandemic with a solid sense of community and many new friends. Called, this passion project showcases the people who live in the neighbourhood, the homes they live in and the news and activities of the region. Take a wander through and maybe meet some people you’d like to connect with. #wellness #depression #health #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #anxiety #covid19impact #community #covid

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