Date Asian Women with These Tips


Here is a quick fact for you: Most non-Asian men will never get more than a date with an Asian girl. Just know how to Connect with Asian women with these tips:

Most of them are cultural and I will explain the differences between Asian women and the women you are familiar with.

The main problem for people who want to date Asian girls is the lack of understanding of Asian culture. There are a lot of things that are handled differently in Asian cultures and each nationality has different traditions and different heritage, although most are similar to Western culture. As a rule, Asian girls are very polite, have good manners and are modest – and they seek the same qualities in a man.

Note this. There are two things that are very important to remember:

1) Be confident, but not cocky. The “boy streak,” who often appeals to white women, does not really appeal to Asian women who are more reserved and formal.

2) Do not generalize. Every girl is different and you should treat her that way. “Asian women” include many, many cultures and not all girls live in the “mainstream” culture. Especially younger generations have moved away from the traditions of their parents, which means that they are more interested in their Western culture than in their Asian culture. Or it could be just the opposite and it is very traditional. It’s about not generalizing and accepting things. Treat every girl as an individual.

Practical tips for Asian girls:



Do not put too much on the first date. If you are unfamiliar with Asian girls, make the first date not very formal and full of expectations. Keep it casual and do not feel like you need to make a good impression right from the start. In Asian culture, it is much more common for things to develop slowly by hanging out with each other or becoming friends with others first. So, making coffee or something simple is really a great approach.

The family is very important to the Asians. This is one of the main concerns with Asian girls that western men do not respect that. Ask her a few questions about her family to show that you care.

Treat her like an Asian, but do not pretend she’s one. What that means is never to say things like “I always wanted to go out with a Japanese girl” or other generalizations about Asians. This is really offensive to most Asian women, but treat them the way they expect to be treated.

Expect to be responsible for what will happen. Do not ask her what she wants to do. It’s up to you to make a suggestion and then ask if you want to do something.

A great way to meet Asian girls is to make friends with Asian guys who will introduce you to their female friends.

The last thing to remember is that every girl is different. This may seem obvious, but there is really no single approach, except that these cultural differences are taken into account.